About Us

Krupa Labequi , a GVCL Group of Company is newly established plant for manufacture of medical disposables.
Krupa Labequi deals in Vacuum & Non Vacuum Blood Collection tubes and related medical disposables i.e. Sterile & Non Sterile Containers, BCT Holder, Pipette Tips, Tourniquet, Needles. Factory at Umbergoan, Gujarat in India, Krupa Labequi takes Pride in Quality, Competitive Pricing and in time delivery.
Disposable Vacuum Blood Collection Tube comprises of PET Tube, Bromo Butyl Rubber Plug, Cap and Identification Label with different additives. Tube is made of PET which does not react with blood collected. Tube is Transparent, Unbreakable with perfect Dimensions. Virgin Bromo Butyl Rubber plug is used for Quality vacuuming. The advance vacuuming aseptic system is pre-set to prevent blood from returning and cap suction volume is more stable. Produced on automatic Line with Aseptic production technology, with whole process in sterile monitored condition, in Class 10,000 Clean Room with Air Shower.
ISO Standard 6710 for Blood Collection Tubes is followed.
Process is completely free from impact on PET tube, Additives and Vacuuming Rubber. Innovation Anticoagulant spraying technology results in quality production. Process is supported by stringent quality standard and with Micro Lab.
We also have Non Vacuum 2pc / 3pc tubes and related pathological items i.e. Containers, Pipette Tips, Holders, Needle and Tourniquets.